Hot sell 5kw car power inverter dc 12v 24v ac 220v circuit 5000w pure sine wave inverter for solar power system

Hot sell 5kw car power inverter dc 12v 24v ac 220v circuit 5000w pure sine wave inverter for solar power system
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Oписание продукта

Portable Powder Coating system PC02 

with integrated circuit board

This product is an ideal sprayed tool that you use to spray the plastic parts on various metal parts so as to make the work pieces beautiful and durable. It can be used to spray any metal parts. The plastic spray surface after forming can prevent the corrosion of a variety of chemical substances and ultraviolet radiation. It is much stronger than the liquid spray plastic, and is more than ten times stronger than the ordinary paint. In the production process, no organic solvent is added, no toxic volatiles are produced, and no environmental pollution is caused.
The use of this product does not require special training. As long as you read the instructions carefully, you can fully master it in a very short period of time, and do it skillfully, realize your ideas, and get the ideal decorations for the appearance of plastic spray.
Technical Specifications:
1. Power requirements: use 220V AC power with safe grounding. When used, the machine must be grounded.
2. Gas source requirements: the compressed air pressure used must be between 0.5 and 1.2 kg. It is recommended to use 1 kilograms, and the air pressure is the most ideal at this time.
3. Environmental requirements: well ventilated and dry.
4. AMPS: 0.03A
5. Voltage output: 25KV+/-5KV
6. Require Air supply: 10-15 PSI, Dry air 5CFM
7. WATTS: 3.3W
8. Power Cord: 16AWG
9. Air Inlet: 1/4” NPT Thread
10. Color: black or silver, red, we send it at random
11. Package size: 41.5 x 28 x 22.5 cm
12. Gross / net weight: 4 / 3.2kg
1. because of the high voltage static electricity generated by the machine, the equipment must be dry when the user is in use. In addition, the machine must be safely grounded, and the ground plugs should not be removed. This is very important for protecting machines and preventing electric shocks. To avoid danger, discharge needles should be touched on the ground clamp after each use.
2. when the particles of plastic powder fall into the air, they run into a fire source and have the danger of combustion and explosion. Therefore, we must remove all hidden dangers and isolate them from all sources of fire. The plastic powder on the ground should not be cleaned with a vacuum cleaner. The dust cover should be worn to protect the safety of the person.
Preparatory work before use:
1. preparation of plastic parts: the surface of the sprayed parts should be treated by rust removing, degreasing and phosphating. The parts should have a dry, smooth and clean surface.
2. prepare one oven so that parts can be sprayed and baked in oven. The sprayed parts should be hung in the oven with metal spreader.
3. prepare the power and socket with the same voltage as the sprayed plastic machine. The power supply must be equipped with safe grounding.
4. prepare the gas source. Air source pressure is generally 0.5 kg to 1.2 kg. It is recommended to use 1 kg air source pressure.
5. put the dry plastic powder into the bottle, and the volume of the plastic powder is about 5 centimeters from the bottom of the bottle.
Common Troubleshooting:
1. the surface of the sprayed plastic layer is too thick to form piling. After baking, the plastic surface will produce granular phenomenon. The accumulation of plastic powder can be blown by air.
2. polyester plastic powder will cause granular appearance after drying, so we must control the thickness of the surface layer. For the granulated plastic surface that has been produced, it can be smoothed with 400 granulated sandpaper before being sprayed again.
3. the surface of the sprayed plastic surface is not smooth or stomatal, and is caused by humidity. Dry plastic powder or water vapor separator needs to be replaced.
4. if the gun is not dusting, it may be that the air pressure is too low, or the moisture in the water separator is too much, causing the intake blockage.
5. the direction of dispersion of plastic powder can adjust the distance between the discharge pin end and the gun body when spraying.
6. after baking, if it is found that the surface of the parts of the parts is not ideal, it needs to be sprayed again. Then the parts can be sanded with 400 granularity sandpaper and then be evenly sprayed and then put into the oven to bake.
7. if it is found that the duster does not generate high voltage static electricity, it is necessary to have professional knowledge and electrical engineers to check and repair, and do not make any effort to avoid accidents.